At AGWS, we identified the need to improve the digital interaction for clients managing vehicle warranties. The primary challenge was to create a seamless, intuitive experience for distinct user profiles with varying needs and preferences. Our goal was to facilitate easy claims filing, dealer location, and warranty information access.


As the Senior UX/UI Designer, my task was to design and develop user-friendly web and mobile interfaces that cater to the unique requirements of three specific user profiles, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.


I led the UX/UI design efforts, leveraging my extensive experience with tools like Adobe Creative Suite and Figma. This involved developing mobile apps and web portals, implementing user experience research, and crafting customized interfaces for both dealers and end users. Key actions included:

  • Conducting user experience research to understand the unique needs and preferences of different user profiles.
  • Designing and developing mobile apps and web portals using Adobe Creative Suite and Figma to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Implementing customized interfaces for dealers and end users, focusing on simplifying navigation and enhancing usability.
  • Streamlining the claims filing process and reducing unnecessary paperwork through efficient design, aiming to decrease customer service calls.


The solutions we implemented were highly successful. They not only met the diverse needs of users like Mike and Lois Cristiano, Nick Antoniou, and Jamie Parker but also significantly reduced operational costs for AGWS by decreasing customer service calls and simplifying document management. The project enhanced the user experience and contributed to a more efficient, user-friendly system for all stakeholders.