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CVS Health Projects

Pioneering Accessibility and Savings at CVS Health

At CVS Health, I faced a unique challenge. CVS needed a way to help over 80 million users access essential drug cost information to save both time and money. Traditional solutions had been cumbersome, leading to an overwhelming number of customer service calls. I led the design for a feature called ‘Check Drug Cost,’ incorporating vital UX principles and conducting extensive usability tests.

Our cross-functional team involved accessibility specialists, content strategists, Scrum Masters, developers, and product owners. As a result, the feature became the most used function on the platform. It led to a significant reduction in calls to CVS customer service, creating a win-win situation for both the company and its users.

In addition, I contributed to CVS’s commitment to accessibility by designing custom apps for web, iOS, and Android platforms, including a Members Plan Summary for 120 million customers, and a new Prescription Saving Finder. By adhering to WCAG guidelines, I ensured that our apps were accessible to all users, showcasing my commitment to fusing user-centric design with strategic business goals.


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